Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy 2012

Long time no blog!! Life has been crazy busy around here with teaching, Addie's school, ballet, and most importantly Justin's schedule! We tried to prepare ourselves for his intern year, but I don't think one can truly prepare for his 90+ hour weeks. He is doing an ER rotation now, so thankfully, he only has four 12 hour shifts a week; it is going to seem like a holiday around here! Not to mention, we only have 5 more months until we move back down south to Birmingham, AL. We have already started the househunt and are excited about returning to a more "normal" we are more comfortable with.

We pray you have a wonderful New Year and are anticipating all that God will do in and through us this new year! Blessings!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Ballet School Open House 8-20

With the move to Baltimore, we thought it would be a good idea to let Addie take ballet lessons to help her socialize a bit more with her peers, plus she loves to dance! We had her open house today and we are anticipating her first class in September.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Gettysburg Visit 08/13

A day together is a rare treat these days, and Saturday was just one of those rare gems! Justin got home from the hospital at lunch, and we decided to make a quick trip to Gettysburg, PA. It is only an hour from us, so we knew it wouldn't take too long. We drove up a quaint highway and the scenery was beautiful! It is strange how just 30 minutes out of Baltimore can be so quiet and rural. The geography also changes a bit and becomes much more hilly.

When we got to Gettysburg, we decided to see the movie, cyclorama, and museum before going on the auto tour of the battlefields.

Posing infront of the memorial to the Marylanders that fought at Gettysburg.

View of the field where the last day of fighting occurred...sight of Pickett's Charge. The white house on the left is where Union General Meade set up his headquarters.

Addie and Daddy having a little fun while walking to the cemetery.

Oh no! Here comes the advancing hoard! :) No it's just Addie's Charge!

Standing and explaining about how these men and women had fought and died for our country. Addie remarked, "you mean, just like Jesus?" never know what little ones really understand until little comments like that.

Soldier's National Monument - also the exact spot where Lincoln delivered the Gettysburg Address in November 1863.

Somber isn't it? The hundreds of both known and unknown men that fought and died at Gettsyburg.

Justin standing by the North Carolina memorial...the land of his birth.

The Georgia memorial - my home sweet home.

View from Little Round Top into the valley near Gettysburg.

Devil's Den

The Wheatfield - this area saw some of the most fighting and loss of life.

A farm caught in the midst of fighting - look closely and you can still see the cannonball holes.

The Pennsylvania monument - the most impressive by far!

Pillow Fun

While my family was visiting, I received a package in the mail...from Allison!! She had made Addie some pillows to go with her new bedding and had shipped them to me before they left Georgia. They are so cute and match perfectly! What a great surprise and what a talented sister (aunt)!

The owl for her owl bedding.

Initial pillows for alphabet bedding..and they are reversible, pink or purple!

Family Visit 08/04 to 08/11

This past week, we were excited my family was able to visit us in Baltimore! They flew in (which is saying a lot since my parents haven't flown commercially in a while) and Addie I drove to the airport to meet them! We had a tremendous time just being together and did venture out to do some "Baltimore" types of things.

Addie was thrilled to be able to show them our apartment - especially her room! She is so proud of it! My Mom and Sister were busy taking pictures of everything, and Addie wanted in on the action. So, we let her take some pictures of us...she did a GREAT job! :)

On one of our days together, I took them to see Justin busy at work in the hospital.

We also ventured to the Inner Harbor one night for dinner at the Rusty Scupper! Good food but even better views!

Addie and Allison (aka: Tata) before heading to church.

We had to visit Ft. McHenry -no trip to Baltimore would be complete without that!

More than anything, we enjoyed simply spending time together and catching up. My Dad has always taken Addie outside to play, whether we were in Georgia or Maryland! We don't have a backyard anymore, but we have the next best thing...a rooftop deck. Addie loved spending time with "Gandy" on the roof!

Time passed too quickly while they were here and since they've been gone, I've thought of so many things we didn't get to do together. know what that means....time for another visit! :)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Fun Day Out...7/27

Today, Addie and I had the car, so we ventured out for a little fun. I had heard of a new kids club in our area, and we had to go try it out. They just opened last week, so they are still growing, but it was the cutest set-up I have ever seen! There is a theatre (not pictured), a Whole Foods grocery store, and a diner. We had an excellent time, and we will certainly be going back!


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