Thursday, September 17, 2009

Piedmont National Wildlife Preserve

Addie and I went on one of my field trips today and had a wonderful time! She always loves being around children and relishes the attention they give her. I snapped a few pictures of her walking around the museum discovering every nook and cranny. We learned about the turkey, bear, bobcat, and many other local wildlife.

Addie loved these turkeys! You could mash the button and hear them gobble! Needless to say she pressed the button numerous times!

This is a black bear pelt that she is touching. Suprisingly, it's not soft, but very coarse. Notice the little girl's feet beside us, there's always a string of them hovering around Addie! :)

What a sweet face; almost like she is saying, "May I please touch this?" Each button played the sound of different wetland animals like frogs, owls, alligators, and DUCKS!! She loved the ducks!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Happy Grandparents Day...Just a bit late!

I wanted to post something on Sunday to commemorate this special celebration, but never got a good video of Addie saying I love you or blowing kisses. However, tonight, during dinner, the opportunity presented itself and I snapped away! Addie would like to say that she is "Stuck" on her grandparents and loves them "gooey" much!! (She's enjoying her PB&J sandwich!)
"I just want to reach out and hug you!" - Addie
In all seriousness, we are thankful for you guys and want to let you know that you are loved very much! She is working on a craft for you and it will be in the mail in the next week! :)

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Happy 26th Birthday Justin! Alice and Jerry (Justin's Mom) drove down and took us out for lunch and brought a strawberry cupcake cake from their local bakery! It was YUMMY!! He actually had today off, so we've been able to enjoy some down time! We've played, eaten, and are now settling down for an afternoon nap! :) Enjoy these pictures from our eventful, yet uneventful day!

Addie and Daddy enjoy a book together.

Addie and Daddy loving on each other outside.

Update: Justin has been at the hospital working with the Internal Medicine Department there. He has call every few days, and is pulling an 80+hour week! Needless, to say he is spent! Also, with him being in and out so much, it is definitely taking a toll on Addie and me. We both miss him a lot, but know that this is only temporary, and we are trying to adjust to this new schedule. In fact, we have a "girl's night" when he is gone. Last week we went to Build A Bear and bought a new outfit for our "Nunny" (Bunny), and a few days ago we rented the Hannah Montana movie (this was more for Mommy than Addie)! Speaking of Addie, she was sick two weeks ago (just a fever and cough) but is back to her dizzying pace. I'm still with GVA this year, and am extremely grateful for such a flexible job. I have more students and more responsibilities this year (which translates into more hours), but I can honestly say I enjoy what I do! God has been so gracious to us, and He is teaching me that He is my Provider, Protector, and Friend. I find strength and solace in that He is the "protector of widows" (Ps. 68:5), even though I am only a Med School widow!

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