Saturday, April 16, 2011

Family Pictures

One of our friends here took these pictures for us at the Medical School...absolutely love them! Thank you Joy! :)

Check out our online album:

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Easter Egg Hunt and Last Day of School

Today was a bittersweet day for Addie and was her final day at her preschool before our move. (We had to pull her out a bit early due to my traveling with work.) It also happened to be the Easter Egg Hunt! We were so excited and what made it even more special was that Daddy got to come! Yay!
Ready for the hunt...and she's off!"

Looking everywhere! This year she did a great job of looking for the eggs...she even found some I didn't see!

Daddy and his girl.

Our sweet family.

Love my girl!

Some of the girls in Addie's class decided to share their was so sweet! Pretty girl!

Going to see the Easter bunny...last year she wouldn't even stand in front of him!

Our attempt at a class picture. Washing up before the party...Gigi would be proud! :)

That cupcake really did look good, however, I decided NOT to sneak a can probably guess why. We have thoroughly enjoyed every moment that Addie has attended LDBC preschool. They have always shown us so much love, and Addie has really grown and matured there. The Lord knew what we needed in a preschool when He sent us to Macon, and we will miss our friends there terribly.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

April Showers...Bring Tornadoes!

Tuesday morning around 1:30 am, Justin and I awoke to the sound of rushing wind and debris hitting our bedroom windows. We jumped up, grabbed Addie, woke up Allison (who was staying with us for my Spring Break), and ran to the bathroom. I remember just sitting in the tub, holding my blanket-wrapped little girl, and just praying for our safety. I had never been through anything that sounded this bad! When the storm died down, Justin looked out the front windows and saw nothing but tree branches in between the flashes of lightening. Around 3:30, Justin ventured outside and met up with some of our neighbors that had gathered in the street. They too had noticed the damage and were trying to figure out what had happened. Upon closer inspection, we had so many oaks down around us that we, and our neighbors, were blocked in all sides. He started clearing our driveway with axe and chain saw, and by 6 am, the city had come with bulldozers to clear our road. As daylight hit, the destruction was amazing, not necessarily at our house, but with our neighbors. In fact, one of our neighbor's houses had been blown off its foundation and was held up only by the SUV under the carport! The Lord truly spared our house and we only had five to six oak trees down in the yard. They were blow down in the most perfect spot, and could have easily crushed our house while we slept. The only burden we had to bare besides getting our yard cleared up, was having to do without power for over 40 hours...a pain, but not nearly what it could have been without God's protection!

The "After" picture!

Several of our neighbors and men from our church came out on Friday and Saturday, and helped us clear the land! We put a sign for free firewood, and would you believe, we got rid of ALL that wood in 2 days?!! I am just amazed!

On a side note: after this week, I think I deserve another Spring Break! :)


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