Friday, April 24, 2009

We're Walking!

Well, sort of! I am in Valdosta this week for GVA. I've been administering the CRCT to our South Georgia kids all week: elementary in the morning and middle school in the afternoon! It has been a very long week with getting up at 6:45a.m. and not getting home until 6:00p.m.!

We've been waiting for the day when Addie would walk freely without having to push anything, and I've always had a sneaking suspicion she would do it when I wasn't around! Well that "Mommy intuition" was right! While Addie has been staying with her "Gigi", she has started walking! She'll take 6- 8 steps, realize what she is doing, and fall to her knees! I've included this snipit of a video so you can see how she's doing! I'll update this with a better video shortly!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

We have had a very event-filled Easter morning, and I am glad to say we are all finally laying down for an afternoon nap! Justin and I had a muscial this morning at the church, and we had to stay for both services! That will really wear you out. Meanwhile, Addie had to stay in nursery the whole time! However, she did very well because she was in her new class with the "older kids". They had cookies and juice to boot! We finally made it home in time for some Easter pictures and a quick egg hunt!
Mommy and her little girl!

Daddy and his little "bug"!

"Oh boy! Look at these shiny eggs!"

"I think there is something inside of this egg!"
"Look at my pretty Easter eggs!"

"There is something inside! Raisins!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Our Little Monkey

Justin caught Addie climbing on top of her toy box yesterday, but I couldn't believe it! So today, during her playtime, I watched her closely, and this is what I found:

Gone forever are the days of just relaxing while she is in her "pen"! I am afraid to see what she'll do next!! (Alice, you always wanted to Justin to have a little one just like him! Your prayers have been answered! Oh me!)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Easter Fashion

While I've been on Spring Break this week, I've had a few projects that needed my attention. Things like: cleaning house, catching up on paperwork, changing Addie's closet out from winter to spring, and other dreary tasks. Needless to say, they've not all been done! However, I did complete a BIG project today and wanted to share it with you! I made Addie an Easter outfit! It was so much fun to do, and it only took one day to finish (one day with a LATE night)! I took Addie to a nearby Methodist church for our "photo shoot"; I also brought her Easter basket with eggs. She had a blast pulling the eggs and faux grass out! Enjoy the latest pics!

Addie really enjoyed the azealas until a friendly bumblee started hovering.
We quickly changed locations!

"Hey everyone! Happy Easter!"

I just love this picture! This is her excited face!

"I just love Easter! Don't you?"

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