Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Little Babble

I was teaching a 5th Grade class this morning, when I heard Addie jabbering away. I stepped away from the computer so I could get it in on camera. However, as you know, children have a keen awareness about cameras, and as soon as you turn it on, they stop with whatever they are doing! Despite that, I did get her as she was telling me about her favorite things.....

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Dauset Trails Fun

On Saturday, Justin, Addie, and I went to a local nature center with our friends from medical school. We always like to get off as a family on the weekends after Justin's test. It is always such a real treat to spend time with our "Daddy". Dauset Trails is a wonderful place where you can see farm animals as well as many types of wild animals such as a black bear, foxes, bobcats, and birds of prey.

Addie and Knox didn't like the smell of the pigs, so they decided to "chill out" by the hen house.

Ethan was thrilled to feed the goats! He came over to Addie to tell her what goats say! He is such sweet little teacher! By the time we left, Addie was calling, "go, go" (which is how she says goat).
Mommy and her sweet little girl!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Our Little Mozart

Music is very important in our house. For those who don't know, Justin plays the piano beautifully, and he enjoys playing it as often as he gets the chance. He says it really helps him get a break from all the studying he does. It is therefore no surprise that our little one has too found a love of the piano. There is not a song that goes by where Addie doesn't add in her variation by banging on the keys while Daddy plays around her. We recorded her latest work for you to enjoy!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

A snowy day in Middle Georgia (Part 2)

I had just finished blogging, when I looked out the window and noticed how hard it was snowing and that it was beginning to stick! Addie was taking her afternoon nap, so Justin and I quickly dressed in our make-shift snow gear and headed outside! We had a blast playing in the snow! (Don't worry - we kept going inside to check on Addie!)
A few hours later, when Addie awoke from her nap, we dressed her in some snow gear and went outside for her first real experience with the wet stuff. She was unsure of it and actually began to cry because she couldn't move in her getup (we had 3 layers on her)! However, when we put her on the ground in it, she really started to get the hang of it. She was really amazed at this white stuff and how it stuck to everything. In fact, she grabbed two hands worth and just sat and stared at it. I posted more pictures and a video for you to see just how amazing today was!

A snowy day in Middle Georgia (Part 1)

WE HAD SNOW TODAY!! It started raining softly overnight, which developed into small hail, which turned into sleet, and finally into snow by this morning. However, since the ground is warm (37 degrees) the snow melts on contact, so I don't have any pictures of us knee-deep in the white stuff. Oh well! The weather here has been so crazy over the past few days! Friday was warm enough for me to wear short sleeves, Saturday was filled with sirens blaring for tornado warnings, and today it has snowed for several hours straight and still going! I thought Valdosta was the only place with weird weather!!
However, during the first brief snow shower, we mangaed to get Addie all bundled up for some pictures! I'll let her tell you about her winter adventure!
"Bye Bye! I am going to go play in the snow!"
Daddy was so excited he didn't even take time to change out of his church clothes!
Silly Daddy!
Mommy and I were so excited that it snowed!! But she didn't let me get down in it.
She said it was too wet!
I had a great time outside, but now I am ready to get out of these wet clothes!
How do you get this hat off?

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