Friday, January 29, 2010

Picture Day

Today, I took Addie in for her 2 year pictures. As I walked in, I thought of the previous times when I brought my little baby in with her sweet little face - today, I walked in with a little girl. Needless to say, I started today off a bit emotional. However, as soon as picture time started, the sweet reflections soon turned to harried chasing as I tried to keep Addie on the chair, prop, etc that they wanted her to sit on. With some quick clicks, we walked away with some beautiful pictures. Here are just a few to look at:

I just loved this little expression! What a mischievous look!

She's sinking her teeth into this cupcake treat!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

A Rough Start To A New Year

It is always so difficult to get back to work (school) after a long Christmas break. Well, this week was no exception! Justin started back on OB/GYN at the hospital, and I started back the 2nd Semester with GVA on Monday. All seemed to be going pretty smooth until Addie woke up Tuesday morning at 1:30 throwing up. She continued throwing up every half-hour until 6:30 that morning. Bless her heart - I've never seen her so sick - she was pitiful! I thought we were getting better by Wednesday night, then I got sick! (All while Justin was at the hospital on one of his 30 hour call shifts!) I tell you - it's no fun being sick, but it's really not fun when you're the mommy and all by yourself. I don't tell you this to gain sympathy for myself, but to let you know of God's goodness and grace through it all. Addie has never behaved so well; she would bring a book over to me and "read" to me or play quietly beside the couch. She would even hold my hand to help me get up. I was also blessed to get a lot of rest by the time Justin got home today. I am glad to say that we are both feeling much better now, and are praying for a better weekend! :)

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Reading Time

When we got back home on Friday, Addie went to her basket of books and began reading to us! It was so cute that Justin decided to video her! See our little bookworm go! :)

Christmas Part 3

On Wednesday, the 30th, we headed over to Grandpa and Grandma Stephie's to spend the day with them! We started by opening the presents, and as you can see, Addie is quite the little expert! This is her opening a story book! She just loves to read!

She also got a puzzle that makes the sounds of the animals! She just loves listening to the dog one over and over!

A Mr. Potato Head! I just loved mine when I was little, and am tickled that she has one now!

We got a special gift while we were there! David and Stephanie have recorded their very first CD! David wrote all the songs and Stephanie sings! For more information, go to their website at; you can even listen to snippets of their songs!
Justin also got a surgical kit so he can begin practicing his surgical knots and such (not on us but on sponges and banana peels!)

After lunch, we drove to a local park and had a wonderful time!! Addie always enjoys swinging and going down the slide!

At the park, there was a little stream, and leave it to my two explorers to find their way down there! Addie enjoyed seeing the little fishes swimming in the water.

Three generations of the Mann Family: David, Justin, and Addie

Thank you Grandpa and Grandma Stephie for a wonderful Christmas!

Christmas Part 2

On Monday night, the 28th, we headed down to Valdosta to see my parents, Aunt Allison (Tata), and Uncle Jeffrey (J.J.). It is always such a treat! I can actually sit back and rest because there are so many helpers to entertain our little girl. Addie got to open one special present Monday night, and got this adorable, little puppy! It is voice activated and starts barking and wagging its tail once you talk to it! Needless to say, Addie had her puppy with her the whole time we were down there!

Addie "reading" to Grandaddy in her toy corner. She sat there for at least 30 minutes reading to herself and others!

Tuesday was our official Christmas time and Addie knew what to do! Here she is opening her shopping cart from Tata and J.J. I must admit, I was super jealous of all of the nice kitchen toys she got! As many of you know, that was my niche when I was little!

"The boys" as we call them, enjoyed putting her buggy together - they could get their tools out for this one!

Addie and Gigi going "shopping" with her puppy in the front seat of the buggy!

I just love this picture! Look how focused she is! This was a bathtub for her baby dolls and animals! Thanks Gigi and Grandaddy!

She also got a baby bag with accessories! She has not stopped carrying it! (In fact, today, she wanted to take it in to Kroger!)

Yay! A high chair to feed her babies with! It is the cutest thing! It is actually a 3-in-1 chair that is a swing, activity center, and high chair! Need I mention again how jealous I was!! :)

Thank you Gigi, Grandaddy, Tata, and J.J. for a wonderful Christmas!!

Christmas Part 1

On Saturday, the 26th, we headed up to Cedartown to spend some time with Mimi, Papa, and Aunt Erin. We only get to see her once a year because she lives in Southern California, so this was such a special treat! However, Addie had a difficult time saying "Erin", so she called her "Ernie"! Oh, well! :) They had so much fun spending time together!

Addie walked into the living room and saw this huge present just for her!! She had so much fun pulling the paper off!

"Wowee! A horsey just for me!" This horse is amazing! It makes galloping and whinning noises, as well as plays "Home on the Range".

Addie also got a vacuum cleaner so she can "help" me out with my housework.
After her nap, we had a fashion show with the clothes Aunt Erin got her from California. Doesn't she just look too cute!
Addie got involved in our Wii Fitness Tournament.
After a long day of opening presents and playing, Addie was worn out! (Not to metion all of us!)

Thank you Papa, Mimi, and Aunt Erin for a wonderful Christmas!


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