Monday, January 24, 2011

This is the Stuff...

While I was doing some paperwork today, I was listening to KLOVE (Christian radio station). A song entitled, "This is the Stuff", came on. As I listend to the words, I thought to myself, "Libby, this is SO you!" It talks about the little things in life that we see as hindrances, but God is using them to grow and mature us in Him! I've already added it to my IPOD - enjoy!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Our Little Ballerina

Lately, Addie has really been interested in ballet. I guess it all started with our outing to the Nutckracker. Justin found a YouTube video of a ballet, and this is what our little Addie did in response to watching it.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Quick Trip

This past weekend, Justin and I headed north to Richmond, VA and Baltimore, MD for two of his interviews. I was so excited about this trip because, being a truly Southern girl, I had never been that far up the east coast. We snapped a few pictures to remember our journey along the way.

A glimpse of the Jefferson Memorial and the Washington Monument from the highway. We weren't able to spend any time in Washington because of our tight schedule.

Once we got to Baltimore, we stayed directly across from the main Johns Hopkins campus. Everything there is so beautiful - I just love the "New England" look!

The front of our hotel - very nice! :)

The lacrosse stadium at Johns Hopkins- it's a VERY big deal there!

The highlight of our trip was seeing the most amazing of all bakery shops - Charm City Cakes. I simply love Ace of Cakes and was kind of bummed that Duff didn't come out to greet me - oh well! I've teased my family that if we move to Baltimore, that I would get a job washing dishes there - just to be near the genius!

Waving at the camera with Charm City Cakes in the background.

On our way back down to Georgia, we drove through Fayetteville, NC which is Justin's birthplace. He hadn't been there since he was ten years old, so we both were excited about this adventure. This is the hospital where he was born.

Standing in front of the house where he spent the first three years of his life. (Obviously the house was a different color 24 years ago.)

We had a tremendous time and look forward to the possibility of returning there in the future.

Monday, January 17, 2011

A Change in Direction

Monday, January 17th

With Justin's senior year of Medical School nearly behind him (graduation is less than four months away!), our lives have been full of anticipation, uncertainty, and contemplation. The biggest challenge of this year was to decide on a specialty, which we thought would be ophthalmology; however, the Lord started working in Justin's heart in late October, leading him to feel that another specialty might be his calling. Justin did a rotation in anesthesiology during that time, and really began to enjoy it. As a fleece, he applied to several anesthesia residency programs (in addition to our ophthalmology programs) to see if they would be interested in interviewing him. So, for the last three months, he has interviewed with both anesthesia and ophthalmology residency programs - which is why he has been on the road and in the air so much. After much prayer, we have decided to change our specialty choice to anesthesiology, and we couldn't be more excited and more at peace with our decision. The Lord has made it very clear through multiple events, that this is where HE wants us to be! All that's left now is Match Day which is March 17th - this is the day when we see which program/hospital chose us and where we will be moving in June! Can't wait! :)

Monday, January 10, 2011

Icy Day

Winter is here! Last night and this morning, we've had constant sleet and freezing rain. In fact, we've had so much sleet that it is sticking. It looks a lot like snow, but the consistency is really wet - almost like shaved ice. Justin's flight to Dallas today (for yet another interview) was cancelled, so he is home with us for the next few days! Yay! We are always glad for a chance to spend with Daddy! I've been sick with the flu since last week, but we did take a few minutes to go outside and enjoy the wintery weather!

Friday, January 7, 2011

On the 4th Day of Christmas

On the Tuesday after Christmas, we went to Justin's Dad's house to celebrate with them. We started off with a yummy lunch and, as you might have guessed, Addie was ready to dig into the presents! Just check out that grin!

Addie got these amazing block sets! They have Cookie Monster and Elmo in them! She really enjoys building!

Grandpa and Grandma Stephie also got Addie a Thomas train set! She was so excited and wanted Daddy to put it together immediately!

Justin (notice his eye gear - a gift from his Dad. Haha - he loves them!), Addie, and Grandpa working on the train tracks. It was so large, they ended up moving it to the floor.

Enjoying her train set. She is so funny! She loves to put Thomas on the track and watch him go. She will actually sit and watch for minutes on end - a great feat for a nearly 3 year old!

In honor of Grandpa and Grandma Stephie's first CD, we got their album cover and CD framed for them! (Sorry the pix is fuzzy - my camera was struggling that day.)

Thank you Grandpa and Grandma Stephie for making our Christmas even more special and wonderful!

On the 3rd Day of Christmas

The Monday after Christmas, we traveled down to Valdosta to spend time with my family. My Mom and Dad are such great hosts and always have a special play area for Addie. Her favorite toy at Gigi's house is this dollhouse; she has such a blast pretending and playing with the little family. Hmm...perhaps a good idea for her birthday! :)

Before dinner, Addie "borrowed" Tata's camera and took several interesting pictures! She actually took a few good ones - I'll have to get them from Allie so I can post them.

We had a scrumptious meal then opened presents. By this time, Addie had become a pro at opening gifts! In fact, she was so good at it, she wanted to help everyone open their presents. She got some more snap-on clothes for her new baby.

She also got some diapers for her new baby that crawls.

My Mom also got her this adorable garment bag with our last name monogrammed on it! I can't wait to travel again so I can use it!

Tata and JJ got her a Sit N Spin because Addie loves to go round and round! We didn't even have to tell her how to work it - she is a natural!

Playing with her new baby and clothes.

When Allison and I were little, we too had a Sit N Spin, but I hated it. It made me so sick! However, Allison loved it! I guess Addie will have to share with Tata!

Thank you Gigi, Gandy, Tata, and JJ for making our Christmas so special and wonderful!


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