Sunday, November 21, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010 (Part 1)

On Saturday, we journeyed to north Georgia to visit Mimi and Papa for Thanksgiving. This was our first time meeting their newest puppy, Maggie, and I don't know who had more fun - Addie or Justin!
Addie would chase Maggie around the yard, then Maggie would chase Addie around. Needless to say, they were "tuckered" out by the end of the day.

We had a wonderful meal, and I couldn't believe how much Addie ate. Perhaps all the running around really helped her work up an appetite.

After lunch, we went to the neighborhood park. I was so proud of Addie because she went down all of the slides by herself!! Last year, Justin had to ride down with her.

Getting ready for a big swing!

Her favorite ride of the day, was this tire swing. She LOVES going round and round - I was getting sick just looking at her go! Thankfully, we didn't loose any of that good lunch! Haha!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Thanksgiving Day Program

This morning, Addie's class presented a short program for Thanksgiving. This was her very first program, and she did well! They all walked on to the stage dressed in their turkey costumes, and were standing there waiting to sing their little song. However, Addie's friend, Anna Grace, was crying, so our Addie went to sit by her and stayed there for the rest of the program! She is very compassionate, and I am glad God has given her a sensitive heart for the hurting!

Our cute little turkey!

After they sang, we had a snack of cinnamon rolls, juice, and coffee! She made this cinnamon roll all by herself earlier in the day.

My parents and sister made a quick trip to see Addie's play.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Princesses on Ice

Disney's Princesses on Ice came to Macon this week! I heard about this last year, but felt that Addie was too young to enjoy the experience. However, when my friend, Gretchen, mentioned that they would be back in November, I jumped on the opportunity! In fact, we had a "girl's night out" with Gretchen and her little girl, Madison. (The timing worked out well since Justin was in Texas for interviews.) We started the evening at a Mexican Restaurant since both of the girls LOVE the queso dip! At first, Addie was very shy, but soon warmed up to her new little friend!

On our way to see the Princesses! You can tell how much Addie enjoyed being one of the "big girls"! She wanted to hold hands with both Mrs. Gretchen and Madison! That was a continuing theme for the night: she would reach over to Madison and rub her gently on the back and smile at her...such a sweetie!

This was shortly after we found our seats! As you can tell, she was simply mesmerized by the ice, the props, and the lights. She took everything in! I bought a princess accessory pack the day after Halloween ($2 - SWEET!), and the girls "dolled" up before the show began.

Isn't this the sweetest face?! She had a marvelous time and really interacted well. She danced, clapped, and waved throughout the entire 2 hour show! I would say she is DEFINETLY ready for Disney World. She was extremely glad when Mickey, Minnie, and Goofy came onto the ice - she's more into Playhouse Disney than the Princesses right now.

Enjoying her snow cone. They had venders come by during the intermission with either snow cones or cotton candy. Remembering bed time, I chose the less sugar-filled item. Plus, she got this really cute Cinderella cup and straw! As soon as we got home, she went to bed, and passed out!

It was so nice to go off with friends! I am looking forward to the Nutcracker next!


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