Thursday, April 15, 2010

Spring Break

Last week, I was off from school for Spring Break! My sister came up to spend the week with us so we could have some girl time. We went shopping and just lounged around the house! I love having Allie around; it seems like nothing has changed since we were both younger and living at home. It's great to do "girl stuff" because most of the time I just go somewhere by myself or with Addie -which can not be considered "girl time" yet due to her age ! :)
As much as I enjoyed having Allison, I would have to say that Addie enjoyed her "Tata" the most! She is "Tata's girl" for sure! She wouldn't even go meet Justin at the door after work like she usually does...she just enjoys Allison SO much.
On Friday, we met some friends from Valdosta (Brooke, Robbie, Rylin, and Karsyn) in Tifton to go to Wilder's World which is an indoor bounce house. Addie hasn't had much experience with bouncey houses, so I was a bit leary to see how she would do. She started out just playing in the general toy area, but after watching Rylin, she was ready to try it. Aunt Brooke took her in one of the houses and showed her how it was done. Soon, Allison and I donned our socks and joined them in the fun.
Addie and "TaTa" enjoying the moment!
Aunt Brooke and Rylin showing Addie how it's done!
Addie LOVES slides; however, she is particularly fond of ones that are LOW to the ground!
Me, Allison, and Addie - the girls together again!
Addie was punching this inflatable character and really seemed to enjoy it! I suppose it was because she isn't allowed to hit anyone or anything else without me getting on to her!
What a cutie!! Rylin taking a rest from her jumping! She was fearless and would go down any slide!!
These two sweet girls...destined to be life-long friends! :)

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!!

Happy Easter everyone! We hope that you had a great day reflecting on the life and love of our Risen Savior!

It has been so neat this year teaching Addie more and more about Jesus. In our Bible Story time, Justin and I have been going over and over the Easter story, and I was amazed at what little truths she can learn! She was very upset about Jesus being on the cross, but would cheer when we would read the Resurrection passage. I couldn't get her to say "Easter", but she has been saying, "Jesus alive! Jesus alive!" What a blessed truth!

We didn't hunt eggs today since we had a lot going on at church and she had already hunted with her little class, nevertheless, she enjoyed taking her eggs outside and playing with them!

Walking around outside with her bucket and eggs! She was so cute; she would put an egg on the ground and then pick it up - almost like she was hunting for them!

I just LOVE this picture!

Stop and smell the tulips! What a face!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Doctor in Training?

This past week, I've caught Addie playing "doctor" several times. On Wednesday night, after Justin came home, Addie found some of his scrubs and started trying to put them on! It was so cute!! Then, yesterday, while I was holding some online classes, I found Addie "listening" to her animals' and babies' hearts with her stethoscope. Does this mean she wants to be a doctor? It's too soon to tell, but she does want to be like her Daddy - that is obvious! Everybody start saving! It looks like we might have to put another Mann through medical school! :)


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