Saturday, May 23, 2009

Getting Ready for Father's Day

Addie and her daddy like to do many things together. Just look and see one of their latest!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Our Little GIRL!!

Addie is growing up to be such a girly-girl! I am ecstatic! She has gotten to a stage where she likes to love on her babies and other stuffed animals! She also likes to "pretend" to be mommy! It is the cutest thing!! I tried to videotape her latest, but only got these few pictures.

This is where Addie (on her own) went to her room, got her empty wipe container, and put her baby and bunny on the coffee table for what appears to be a diaper changing!

Later that day, Addie put on her bracelet (not able to see in these pictures), gathered her lady bug basket, and picked up her bunny for a quick trip down the hall! That's exactly how I look going to the grocery store!! I even put on my bracelets right before we leave!!
Isn't she just a cutie?!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

This is my 2nd Mother's Day and what a difference a year makes! Last year I was so haggered and worn out. This year, I am still worn out, but have begun to get adjusted to my new life as "Mommy". For the longest time after Addie was born, I felt that I was a shell of what I used to be. My body was a wreck, my wardrobe was outdated, my "career" was gone, and let's not even mention the fact that all of this was happening while I was 125 miles away from most of my family and friends. I am not sure if it was due to post-partum or just lack of sleep, but I was beginning to doubt I would enjoy motherhood. However, in the fall, the Lord started doing a wonderful work in my life, and through my quiet times and a good friend (Thanks Leah!) I began to realize I wasn't a shell of what I used to be, I was breaking out of my shell! Leah said that anytime you love someone as selflessly as you love a child, you are bound to become a different person. Boy, was she right! I began to see myself as not what I used to be, but what God wanted me to become.
Each day brings its share of challenges, but with God's help, I have embraced and fallen in love with being a "Mommy"! So, to all of you who are future moms, current moms, and grandmoms, I pray for you a very special Mother's Day. Please take just a moment to listen to the song below by Stephen Curtis Chapman about mothers! It will truly bless you!

Happy Birthday Knox!!

Today we celebrated Knox's first birthday!! The theme was sailboats and everything was so cute! It was nice to be around such refreshing colors as blue and lime green after being surrounded by pink for the past 15 months! :) (Although I would have to say that pink is STILL my favorite color!) Knox is such a sweetie with his blonde hair and blue eyes! We always tease that he is Addie's future husband, and I don't think he'd be a bad choice! :)
Justin and I were honored to make the cakes for his party and we had a blast doing it! Take a look at some of the pixs from today!
I baked and Justin did ALL of the decorating! He is such a sweet
hubby to help me out! Plus he really enjoyed doing it!
Knox's cake to enjoy!

You can't tell from this picture, but Know really enjoyed his cake! He had his
cute little face just covered in blue and green! Also, note that Ethan really
enjoyed wearing the birthday crown! He was a great big brother -
he helped Knox eat his cake!

Wow Mom! Look at all of the presents Knox got!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Walking Part 2

Addie and I are FINALLY home! We really enjoyed our weekend with Daddy before I started back to work and he started studying for the USMLE Step 1.
I got a better video of Addie walking; she seems to do better day by day. :) Also, notice her cute little hair cut! Daddy did it!


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