Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving Part 3

On Friday, we celebrated Thanksgiving with my family. It was so nice to have such a wonderful, restful day! Justin and Jeffrey played golf, Addie and my Dad played on the playground , and us ladies (as always) were in the kitchen. However, it was wonderful to spend time with my sister and mom; it's so very rare we get to talk like we used to without little disturbances. After our meal, we had a Wii tournament and walked across the street to see my parents' neighbors' Christmas decorations. Addie was in awe of all the lights and moving features; she especially liked the choo-choo train.
All in all, Justin, Addie, and I had three wonderful Thanksgivings! We are so thankful for our family and look forward to the Christmas season.
Addie loved playing with her toys at Gigi's house! She even buckled Elmo in his stroller. (Just a note: you might notice her top from last Thanksgiving - see last November's post. I just hemmed it and made some matching have another outfit!)
Aunt Allie (Tallie) and Addie. She just loves her Tallie...just like mom but ALL fun!
Addie really enjoys coloring, and she occupied her time by coloring at her table.
Addie and Grandaddy take a stroll through the "Winter Wonderland" across the street from my parents' house.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving Part 2

On Thanksgiving , we spent the day with Justin's Dad and Stephanie. We had a wonderful time and enjoyed playing music together. Addie really liked the drum set...go's in her blood! She also had a blast listening to Daddy, Grandpa, Grandma, and Uncle Harrell sing songs. After dinner, we went outside and Addie got to see the dogs; you could hear her squealing in delight around the neighborhood. She especially liked Gracie, the Dachshund because they are the same size. Enjoy these pics from our day.

Grandma Stephie and Addie enjoyed playing together!

Addie and Daddy played the drums together...this is the first time Justin has been back on the set since we moved, and he still played flawlessly! He's so talented!

Our little family after our Thanksgiving Dinner.
Addie enjoyed Grandpa doing his silly faces!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Thanksgiving Part 1

This Saturday (the 21st) we went to Cedartown to visit Alice and Jerry for Thanksgiving. It is always such a beautiful drive up, and this trip was no exception! When we arrived, we were delighted to see that Justin's Granny and his Aunt DeDe had made the long trip from Valdosta to join us for Thanksgiving. What a wonderful surprise! They haven't seen Addie since she was three months old!
We had a wonderful time of eating and fellowship and were able to get outside and enjoy the cool, fall weather! We even ventured down to the neighborhood park for Addie to run some of that energy off....needless to say, she slept most of the way home and is still sleepy today! I couldn't help but think of how much she had grown in just one short year; my little baby that could only swing in the baby swings to the nearly 2-year old that was a blur from one end of the playground to the other. It is so true...they really do grow up so quickly!
She found a jingle bell in "Mimi's" den and loved it!! Also, her outfit was my first attempt on adding ruffles to jeans...except I added snaps so I could change the ruffle out in the future.
Three generations: Justin, his Granny, and Addie
She loved crawling through this tunnel; she didn't even mind getting sand on her hands!
She would run so quickly over this bouncy bridge! You could tell she felt like a big girl.
I just LOVE this picture. She really enjoyed swinging with her Daddy.

"Wee!" Addie and Mimi had a good time going down the slide.

Our tired little girl traveling back to Macon...don't you wish you could sleep like that?!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A truly Southern girl!

This morning, Addie was enjoying her banana and cheerios while I fixed myself a bowl of grits. She immediately began to point and ask for "gits" while nodding her head in the "yes" position. I've tried giving her grits on several occasions, but she was not interested in them; however, now she is really into eating whatever Mommy and Daddy are eating and is willing try different things. So I used this opportunity to have her practice with the spoon. We have pretty-much mastered the fork (as much as 21 month old can), but the spoon is a brand new adventure. I thought grits would be good since they were a bit cold and stuck together for the most part. Check out the video to see how our Grits Girl did!


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