Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Beauty Will Rise

I know that this is completely random, but I just bought Steven Curtis Chapman's newest cd yesterday, and it has thoroughly blessed me! This is his first album after the tragic death of his five year old little girl, Maria Sue. It is such a sobering and yet hopeful cd for anyone that has ever faced a difficult moment in their Christian life. If you've ever lost a loved one, or gone through a life-altering event in your life, you will want this cd! Blessings!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Slip 'N Slide Fun

The other day, Justin ran the store to pick up a "few items" and came back with a Slip 'N Slide for Addie! As soon as he got home this afternoon, he set it up in the backyard. He and Addie had a blast! Enjoy these pictures from today.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Once A Flower Girl.....

This past weekend, Justin's best friend, Ankur, got married! Well... actually he and Noelle were married a year ago, but they had their ceremony and reception after he finished his first year of Internship at MCG in Augusta. Justin was the best man, and he looked absolutely dashing (no surprise there)! Addie was asked to be the flower girl, and I had some big reservations about how well she would do with that position! On Friday night at the rehearsal, she took her basket and ran down the aisle to go stand by her Daddy. I reminded her several times to walk, but after a few practice runs, she was still racing down the aisle! On Saturday, I got her already in her beautiful white dress and had her playing in the nursery at the church until it was time for the wedding. She loved looking at Noelle's "big, white dress", and loved all the attention she got from the other bridesmaids. We all huddled together in the vestibule at the church and awaited the big moment. Addie saw Justin at the end of the aisle, and I was afraid she was going to dart in front of the bridesmaids, but she did very well waiting her turn. When we got the nod from the director, I whispered to Addie "go see Daddy", she looked up at me with wide eyes, then grabbed by hand. (We were prepared for this, and Noelle had already told me days ago that I could walk down with her.) So, I got to be a flower girl at the wedding too! We both walked down hand in hand, and when we neared the front, Justin put out his hand and Addie went to him. She did so great waiting there with Justin! As soon as the preacher began the ceremony, Addie came to me on the front row, and we quietly slipped out to the side. I was so immensely proud of her!! I had nightmares of all of the things that could have happened, but she was a trooper! Especially considering that she only had a 30 minute nap!! She had such a great time and was so tired once the day was over.
Waiting with Daddy while Mrs. Noelle came down the aisle.
Our tired little girl during the reception! She REALLY enjoyed all of the food, the cake, and the bubbles at the end!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

It's Official...

Justin has chosen a specialty! Through much prayer and thought, he has decided on.....ophthalmology! The next six months will be grueling on Justin (and us). He has applied for some away rotations this fall and will be traveling for interviews throughout the fall and winter of this year. There are so many issues that really need to be bathed in prayer, but to be succinct, pray that Justin will have wisdom and for doors to open or close as the Lord sees fit. Even as I type this, I must remark that this is our 3 year anniversary in Macon, and I am amazed to see how much the Lord has seen us through. Thank you to all of you that pray for us and I appreciate your prayers as we enter this new stage in our lives.


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