Thursday, July 30, 2009

Jesus Loves the Little Ones Like Me!

Perhaps one of my favorite things about Addie growing up is her ability to remember songs and "sing" along with them. One of our favorites is Jesus Loves the Little Ones Like Me. Watch as she shows her "Tata" (my sister Allison) how she can sing!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

A Time for Relaxation....

This past week, Justin and I went to St. Augustine, FL for a time of renewal and relaxation. My mom and sister were gracious enough to keep Addie for a few days, so we were really able to enjoy our time together! I didn't know how well I would do without her, but after 24 hours, I was able to relax and not think too much about being away from her. We were so glad to get away and be a couple for a while! As you can guess, between medical school and a 18 month old, we haven't had much time to just be alone! All in all, we had a wonderful week and look forward to more couple time!

We dined at several fine restaurants! (A big change from Chick-fil-a!)
Here we are at the Cafe Alcazar in the Lightener Museum.
The restaurant is actually in the pool that was once a part of the Alcazar Hotel!

We did A LOT of walking and touring the Old Town. Here I am infront of the Oldest Wood School House in the U.S.A. It was funny to read all of the requirements that the teachers were held to - especially the one where teachers had to save a certain percentage of their paycheck for retirement so as not to become a "burden" on the town in their old age!

We also got to "rub shoulders" with some famous people! Here I am posing for a picture with our friends from Seinfield! We also met Tiger Woods, Sylvester Stallone, and Brangelina!

(We actually just went to the Potter's Wax Museum. It was freaky how life-like some of the figures looked and how some looked nothing like the real people at all! Tiger Woods, for example, should be probably be offended at his likeness--it doesn't look anything like him!)

This was our last night in St. Augustine. We had a fabulous dinner and then walked along the ocean wall beside the old fort. We had a marvelous time and really enjoyed our time together!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July!

We decided to celebrate the 4th by relaxing at home! We have had a leisurely day of cleaning, playing, and napping! Wonderful indeed! However, we did venture out this afternoon after Addie's nap to take a few pictures of her in her patriotic dress. (I was encouraged to make one after seeing some that Meredith made.) I have to admit that it wasn't as hard as I thought. I will definitely make more! :)
Addie was waving to all the cars that were passing by on
the street. It was like our own little parade!

Happy Independence Day!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Indian Springs Adventure

Justin had today off, so we decided to get a jump on our holiday weekend. We headed up the road to Indian Springs State Park just northeast of Forsyth. It has natural springs, trails, mini golf, camping and a lake! The springs flow over some magnificient rocks creating a beautiful waterfall perfect for cooling off tired feet! Addie was thrilled. We put on her baby leash and she ran around the grassy area. Later, Justin held her while we walked along the spring. She absolutely loved sticking her feet and hands in the cool water. If she had on her bathing suit, I know she would have jumped right in!
Our happy little girl!

"Ohhhh Dad! I am ready to get down on my own!"

"Enough of the photo shoot! I am ready for some fun!"

We enjoyed a picnic lunch of PB&J sandwiches!


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