Sunday, May 15, 2011

Disney Vacation 5-13-11

This past Friday, we took a quick, impromptu trip down to Disney World. We knew it would be a few years before we could get down this way again, so we made the short 4 hour drive to Orlando. This was Addie's expression when she saw the Disney World welcome sign...:)

Not sure who was more or her!

Getting all dressed up to meet the Princesses.

The Princesses were so sweet to Addie. In fact, Cinderella asked if she had been in her closet! Addie says that they are sisters now! Oh my!

Us with the main man.....err.... mouse! :)

Addie's first sight of the castle.

We loved the parade!

Addie just LOVES Buzz!

Standing in line for Small World...I just LOVE her hat!!

In fact, she was being so generous with it, she put it on me so I could wear it! That girl is funny!

Ready to ride!

She loved riding Dumbo!

We got a sweet treat before riding on the tea cups...she informed me we had to get a pink one!

Enjoying ourselves on the Magic Carpet Ride.

Getting ready to fly with Peter Pan.

Waiting so patiently in line for Pirates of the Caribbean.

We love Goofy! Addie spotted him first!

Around 5:00, Addie was purely exhausted from the heat and excitement of the day. She passed out in Daddy's arms, so we decided to do some indoor shows. She slept for nearly an hour in her stroller!

Eating dinner together after her nap.
Our sweet family before the fireworks show.

Trying on her ears as we waited for it to get dark.

This was Addie's expression when she saw Tinker Bell "fly" and touch the castle to begin the fireworks show.

We had a tiring day, but are so glad that Addie could experience the wonder that is Disney World.

Graduation Weekend 5-7-11

A few days before graduation, Justin's sisters flew in to spend some time with us. It has been since our wedding six years ago, that we've all been together! In fact, this was the first time Jen Jen met Addie in person! We had a wonderful time together and are looking forward to this being an annual trip! :) We took Erin to Hello There Cupcake in Macon in celebration of her birthday...YUMMY!

Addie was so spoiled with these two...after all, that's what aunts are for!

Graduation Day - AM practice. These four guys have helped each other throughout school.

The family...

all three rows full...Love our family! Some traveled by plane and some by car...some from the West Coast and some from the East Coast.

Getting ready for Daddy's "Gadulation"!

Being hooded...

So thankful and so proud! While Justin was receiving his diploma, I found myself overcome with tears of gratitude to our Lord for His seeing us through. He called us to something so daunting four years ago, and He saw us through! Thank you Jesus!

Dr. Justin David Mann and Family

The day after Graduation, we loaded up the house in Macon with the eventual destination of Baltimore, MD. This lone picture doesn't do it justice...this was the most difficult move we've ever made! Glad to be on this side of it.


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