Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas in Cedartown

The day after Christmas, Justin, Addie, and I loaded up for a day trip to see Mama Alice, Papa Jerry, and Aunt Erin. She flew in just for three days, and we were thrilled to see her. Addie was only three WEEKS old when she last saw her. Addie also enjoyed seeing Zach and Daisy (Justin's childhood dogs). She is enthralled with them, but she doesn't want to get too close!
When we got there, we ate lunch and opened presents. Addie got a beautiful plum velvet outfit from Aunt Erin, and a laptop and music table from Mama Alice and Papa Jerry. The laptop is perfect for road trips! After we finished, we got a world class tour of Cedartown. I believe if Norman Rockwell were still alive, he would choose Cedartown as the quintessential hometown. It's too cute with its quaint downtown and post-war era homes. We really enjoy our trips up there! Thank you Mama Alice, Papa Jerry, and Aunt Erin for a great Christmas!
Aunt Erin helps Addie open her presents!
Addie and Aunt Erin

Addie and Mama Alice

Addie's First Christmas

After our wonderful time in Valdosta, we headed home on Christmas Eve to spend Addie's first Christmas at home. We are so thankful that our parents understood! On Christmas morning, we actually woke up before Addie did, so we were able to get everything ready before she got up. We also videotaped her as we went in to get her out of bed. Before we started with the presents, we read the Christmas story from Egermeir's Bible Story Book. It was the Bible story book that my grandfather read to my daddy when he was little, and the same one my daddy read to me. We let Addie open her presents first; she got a baby doll, a ball, some books, a pull toy, and a bubble gum popper! She was so excited. She really loves her baby doll - in fact, she enjoys sucking her baby's thumb! It was a nice, relaxing Christmas. We stayed in our pj's most of the day.
I fixed a nice Christmas lunch while Justin figured out his new toys! He got a Newton's Cradle (five balls suspended seperately from a wire and when you pull one on one end, the one on the opposite end has an equal and opposite reaction) and a helicopter. He frightened both Addie and me flying it around the house. Justin gave me a Byer's Choice caroler - a little girl! How fitting for this year. I now have four - one for each Christmas we've been married.
It was such a special treat to have such a peaceful Christmas - our first Christmas as a little family!

Justin and Addie smile for the camera!

Justin studies the directions for his new helicopter!
Addie had a great first Christmas!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Our Valdosta Christmas

The past two weeks have been full of activity! I got sick with flu-like symptoms and ran a 102 temp. for three days! My mom had to come up and help me out. On the coattails of my sickness, Addie got her first ear infection! She ran a high temperature for a few days and was in a lot of pain! However, almost a week and a half later, she is feeling much better!
On the 19th, Addie and I packed up and headed to Valdosta to see our family (Justin had to stay behind for a few days for a church activity). The celebration began with a birthday party for my sister Allison (Tallie). Birthdays are very important in our family, so there were signs up around Mom's house as well as homemade red velvet cake made by Uncle Jeffrey! (Allison's husband) We always have such a good time together.
The next day (20th) was our annual friend Christmas party. It is actually a progressive dinner that ends with presents and dirty Santa! We started this tradition WAY back when we were in high school,, and we've extended it each year eventually adding husbands and children! Rylin and Addie (the only 2 kids so far) enjoyed playing together. They rarely get to see each other, but they will grow to be best friends! (For pictures, see "How I'm Doing" - one of the blogs located under Libby's profile.)

Sunday the 21st was filled with seeing old friends from Morningside. It was wonderful and exciting to worship in the new Worship Center. I am excited to see what God is doing there! That afternoon, I left Addie with Grammy and Grandaddy, and traveled to Macon to get Justin. We decided to have our first night away from the baby! It was both wonderful and terrifying. It was so strange to walk around the house and not hear her talking or crying. We kept finding ourselves whispering thinking the baby was asleep! I guess that's when you know you're a parent!

Monday (22nd) we traveled down from Macon and spent the evening with Justin's Dad. Grandpa and Grandma Stephie did such a good job preparing for Addie's first Christmas experience! She loved unwrapping the presents, especially taking off the bows! However, we found she was more interested in the tissue paper than in her new toys. One of the toys they got her was a pony she could scoot around on. She does a great job going backwards but hasn't quite figured out how to go forward! Thank you Grandpa and Grandma Stephie!

Tuesday (23rd) was the day my family celebrated Christmas. We went to see Granny Mac (my granny) that afternoon to give her her present, and she surprised us with a present for Addie! Addie also got a present from her great Aunt Barbara. Later that night, Grammy, Grandaddy, Tallie, and Uncle Jeffy gathered for Christmas dinner and exchanging presents. Addie received so many clothes, books, and toys! She was so excited to get her baby stroller! It's a stroller that is just her size that she can push her babies in! She also got an activity table with a phone, laptop, piano, and book. Now she has her "little office" like Mommy's! Thank you Grammy, Grandaddy, Tallie and Uncle Jeffy!

I hope that you enjoy these pics! I don't have any from Grandpa and Grandma Stephie's because I forgot my camera! :( So as soon as I get their pictures, I will post them as well! )

Merry Christmas from Addie! This is her new chair! It matches her room!
Addie investigates her presents at Grammy and Grandaddy's!
Addie chillin' at Granny Mac's. Just a note: I sat in this chair when I was her age!

Addie and Granny Mac!

Addie enjoyed opening her presents!

Friday, December 12, 2008

"Oh what fun it is to decorate....?"

Each year when we decorate for Christmas at our house, we make a big "to do" out of it. Justin puts on his Christmas music and turns it up very loud, and I make hot chocolate for the fun about to ensue. We be-bop to the music (it's a jazzy Christmas cd) as we put up the trees, lights, and other decorations. Most of the time, we stay up until 1 or 2 am to get it all done. It's so much fun that I look forward to it each year!
This year, we were doubly-excited since we got to share this annual event with Addie! However, there were a few changes that needed to be made. First of all, the music had to be turned down, and it was eventually replaced with Charlie and Lola dvds. No hot chocolate since we were afraid of burns and caffeine highs, so we opted for OJ for adults and milk for Addie. The biggest change came with having to find somewhere to put a meandoring, curious, little person! Not to mention we called it quits around 10 - whether everything was done or not!
For the most part, Addie did very well (considering she had a very short afternoon nap). She didn't pull down any trees or break any ornaments. We wanted her to be able to "experience" the decorations, but under close supervision. I've posted some pictures of our very special night for you to enjoy! Merry Christmas!

Addie and Daddy dance to Christmas music!

Addie helps Mommy put up the little Christmas tree!
Addie "helped" us de-tangle the lights!

The finishing touch! Addie topped off our tree with the star!


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