Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!!

Happy Father's Day to the world's best daddy! Addie and I turned this special holiday into a weekend affair. On Friday, we baked him a cake in the shape of a tie and made him a poster while he was at work! On Saturday, we gave him his big present - a valet stand to put his suits and white coat on! Lastly, today, we made him blueberry pancakes and opened cards after church! Even though he has so much on his plate, he always finds time to make Addie and I feel super special! We love you!

Addie also wanted to wish Grandaddy (my dad), Grandpa (Justin's dad), and Papa Jerry a very special Father's Day ! Thank you for you Godly examples and enduring love for us! We love you!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Summer Fun!!

YAY!! Justin finished his test yesterday, and Addie and I got to enjoy having him back today! This morning, we dropped Addie off at a friend's house and Justin and I went to see the movie Up in 3-D! We had a blast! It felt like we were dating again! :) We both got an Icee (cherry for me and raspberry for Justin) and enjoyed just being together. (By the way, the movie is great: a good mix of humor with sentiment.) After the movie, we went to Toys-R-Us and got Addie a pool!! We set it up, and after Addie's nap, we splished and splashed until supper time!
Addie was getting acquainted with her new pool.
We giggled and giggled!
We are looking forward to many more fun summer days ahead!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Our Little Picasso

My work schedule this week has been much lighter, so Addie and I have been trying new things. With my good friend Megan's encouragement, I braved the task of finger painting with Addie! I had some paint in my school stuff as well as some butcher paper, so I wrapped her tray in the paper and let her have some of the red paint! I also used this experience to reinforce our colors, so I set up a little red display of Addie's favorite things. We had a blast doing it, but I don't know if Addie really liked the way it felt on her fingers...we all know she has issues with stuff being on her hands! However, it was so fun and easy to clean up, that I will definitely do it more and with other colors! Hmmm.... we have some blueberries in the tomorrow might just be a blue day!

An update on our week: Justin continues to study for about 18 + hours a day... our BIG test is this Friday! Please be in prayer for him to recall not only everything he has studied, but also everything he has read and seen over the past 2 years! Addie and I are greatly looking forward to having our Daddy back this weekend!! YAY!

Friday, June 5, 2009!

Before every meal, we always remember to thank the Lord for it. Addie has started saying, "" with us, and sometimes she even says it during the prayer because she is ready to eat! In this video, while I am praying, watch Addie as she is getting ready to eat by pre-blowing on her food, and don't forget to listen for that Southern ""!

Monday, June 1, 2009

She Plays So Hard....

Addie really enjoys playtime in her crib. I turn on her Bible Songs cd, give her a basket of toys, and she will play for about 20 minutes by herself!! (Which allows me some time to get work done!) The other day, as I was putting away the dishes, I noticed that Addie was strangely quiet, so I walked into her room, and this is what I found...

In the midst of children singing and toys, she had managed to fall asleep! Amazing! Especially since she is such a light sleeper at night! :)

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